Salmen Road

4 Storey residential building approved for 7 residential self-contained apartments. London.

The local area within which the site is located is in Plaistow in the London borough of Newham. This is a planning approval is for a 4 storey building on Salmen Road. The site is currently an unused land which sits between a row of houses and flats. To the North, West, and South of the site the area mainly consists of 1980's and 1990's built domestic two storey Houses.

The idea is to erect a contemporary four storey building for 7 new homes of high quality and design. The proposal has been made to respect the local surrounding of nearby residential buildings via the use of contextualized brown stock London brick, a complimentary blend of bronze anodised aluminium cladding around the window openings, and an elegant mansard roof that completes the contemporary aesthetic of the building. A setback third floor, which forms the mansard roof, is to be clad in fish-scale copper cladding. The shape and the setback of the mansard roof should ensure that it is subservient to the front and rear of the building.

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